Achilles stick

  • December 22, 2021


“Additive-free quality product / Achilles Stick” is a stick-shaped dog food made from turkey tendon, which my dog loves. According to the product description, it has the effects of (1) strengthening chewing ability and protecting health, (2) maintaining health with natural proteins, and (3) having fun chewing to relieve stress. I feed my dog daily, morning and night, mixed with other general nutrition foods and jerky. First, my dog takes Achilles stick and carry it a little further away to secure his space and then enjoys chewing it hard. Because it is made from a natural ingredient, there are variations in size and shape. There is a difference of several times between large and small pieces, and he takes a long time enjoying it especially when it is a large piece.

Achilles stick

The product was renewed around the fall of this year in 2021, and the package logo was changed from the original “Additive-free quality product / Achilles stick” to “Additive-free quality product / Achilles stick + (plus))”. Prior to that, the seller, DoggyMan H. A. Co., Ltd. filed an application for trademark registration of the standard character “アキレススティック(Achilles Stick)” (the designated goods are pet food and feed) in addition to the original graphic character trademark (Japanese trademark registration No. 5147261). It was registered after responding to the notice of reasons for refusal (Japanese Trademark Registration No. 6285888, registered on August 28, 2020). It seems that the examiner has acknowledged that “アキレススティック(Achilles Stick)” is known to consumers and traders as a series of integrated trademarks. (Conan)

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