Easy Note

  • June 2, 2021


Shortly after the beginning of the new semester, I found one of the teaching materials that my child brought back from school that said, “patented product”. On the front cover, it was labeled “Repeating Keisan Drill Raku Raku Note(Repeating Calculation Workbook Easy Note)”, and a nostalgic illustration of “3-chome Tama” on it.

I wondered what kind of content was in the patent on the notebook, so I looked it up on the familiar J-Plat Pat, and the summary said, “To provide exercise notebooks and problem practice materials that allow students to learn how to properly write and use notebooks by solving problems using problem workbooks.”

I looked through the contents of the workbook, and even in them, I could see the ingenuity that went into making it easy for children to learn and write. I was impressed that this was a great invention, and I was reminded again that there are various forms of invention. (Marigold)

Japanese Patent Registration Number: 5031612
Introduction page of Easy Note (Shingakusha Co. Ltd.) (Japanese)

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