“Inventor of the Edo period, Igashichi Iizuka”

  • December 28, 2020

I will introduce an inventor who is closely related to today (December 24th). The person I would like to introduce is Igashichi Iizuka, the inventor of the late Edo period. Today in 1836 is the day Igashichi died.

As an inventor of the same Edo period, Hiraga Gennai, who introduced the Dutch-made static electricity generator Elekiter, is famous, but his evaluation as an inventor is controversial.

On the other hand, Igashichi took the nickname of “Karakuri Iga”(mechanist Igashichi), and while being the village headman, he studied architecture, Japanese mathematics, Dutch, etc., made many karakuri(mechanism) and Japanese clocks, and there is even a theory that he had made the Elekiter himself.

Since he spent his life in Tsukuba-gun, Hitachi Province (currently Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture), when “Robot Town Tsukuba” was proposed in 2009, Igashichi Iizuka was introduced as the origin of “Robot Town Tsukuba”. It can also be said that he is the origin of Tsukuba Science City.

For details, please see the link below (Wikipedia in Japanese).


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